These are unofficial rules for playing a Sasquatch. They are a mix of various bits I found, with some modifications.

Despite being recognized as a sentient species in 2042, they are still considered little more than animals by most of (meta)humanity, and at best, are considered to be smart pets. Few people treat them like equals, making their lives harsh when they choose to live among people. Most often, Sasquatch live in the woods, solitary or with others of their kind.

Using the Shadowrun 3rd Edition Priority System, Sasquatch are Priority C. Using the Point-Based System, Sasquatch cost 10 Points.

A high percentage of Sasquatch are magically active, with Shamans being the majority of the magically active. Most often Sasquatch follow forest totems, though city dwelling Sasquatch will sometimes follow city totems as well.

Sasquatch characters are limited due to their lack of comprehensible speech, but they can use sign language to communicate, and can imitate sounds with a high degree of skill.

Sasquatch are capable of getting cyberware, though any sort of vocal or throat cyberware will damage their mimicking abilities. Also, even cyberware designed to restore speech will not enable a Sasquatch to speak. They simply cannot connect words with comprehensible speech patterns.

  • Advantages: Mimicking Capabilities, +2 Body, +1 Strength, +1 Charisma (Spirits only) +1 Reach
  • Disadvantages: Lack of speech capability, -2 Charisma (non-spirits), -1 Intelligence


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