Set-up and first session

In which the party walks in the front door

It was decided that most of the party members knew each other already, and were contacted as a group to perform a high-risk, short-deadline, high-pay job. Essentially picking up from where the previous party was killed/captured, the party is to track down one Marianna Che and return her to Colucci’s, where Mr. Johnson will be waiting.

Mr. Johnson explained to the party that Ms. Che is a mole that his corporation had inserted into the ranks of Proteus A.G. The Johnson who handled the original insertion has since apparently defected, and the original corp wants to get their mole back out before she is revealed. It is expected that Proteus will be on full alert, as they have sustained several attacks in the recent past. Furthermore, Proteus is known for their paranoid levels of security, so their response is difficult to predict but will probably be extreme. The pay for the mission is 110,000 nuyen, to be divided as the party sees fit. There is also a Ford van, with registration and permits to allow it free crossing of the Seattle/Salish-Sidhe border.

The party took their own vehicle immediately to the apartment building where Ms. Che had been picked up from originally, hoping to find something that they could use to perform a Trace with. The apartment building, blank and bland from the outside, 12-14 stories tall, is teeming with people. There are Proteus employees in the halls and common areas, chatting and speculating about the recent attacks on the “facility”. Some people are trying to get work done, some are just hanging around; the atmosphere is like a college dorm on a day where classes were unexpectedly cancelled…

The party got the eyeball from folks as they entered the building and went to the third floor, but no one stopped or challenged them. As they approached the door to room 314, they saw that the door was slightly open and someone seemed to be inside. The room was astrally scouted, and the only occupant was Marianna Che, who is sitting on the couch, flipping through channels on the trideo.



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